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Ghana Rugby Union Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Free Screening

Ghana Rugby Union Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month With Free Screening

Ghana Rugby Football Union Ladies on Friday underwent a successful breast cancer screening and education exercise.

The screening which took place at the airport branch of the Total House Clinic saw about 30 ladies present as they were taken through tutorials on breast cancer, its symptoms, and how it can be detected and prevented.

Led by the National Sports Authority & Ghana Rugby Educator & Director, Miss Rafatu Inusah and Anita Attieku, the team were hosted by Dr. Derban and her team of experts.

The ladies were educated on how to self examine their breasts regularly, an action the Dr. stressed helps in early detection and effective treatment.

“Out of every eight (8) women, one can get breast cancer. So it’s not that far away from us women. The only way we can treat you early is if you regularly examine your breasts. If thee breasts are there and you don’t touch them or feel them, you will not know there is something there”, Dr. Derban mentioned.

“Breast cancer normally starts as a painless lump. It doesn’t give you pain, but there will be a lump in your breast that will not be painful and if you don’t touch your breast, you will not know it’s there and it will continue to grow, and by the time you realize that there is something in my breast, it might be too late. So every month, every week after your menstrual cycle, you should always examine your breast. The reason is that after your menstrual cycle, your breasts become softer and lighter and that is the best time to detect if there is anything in there.”

“It can kill you if not treated well. Sometimes by treating it, we end up cutting off the affected breast and all that. So it’s imperative to check it early. Cancer drugs are very strong and expensive too. So to avoid all that, early detection will help, but only when you examine your breasts regularly and when you find any lump in it, you bring it for treatment. So that is the whole idea about pink October and the breast awareness that we are doing”, she added.

The session involved watching an educational video on breast cancer, how to examine it on your own and finally, all the ladies were examined.

Rafatu Inusah was very thankful to the Total House Clinic for the opportunity.

Below are some pictures from the event.