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Be Productive Despite COVID-19

Be Productive Despite COVID-19

We are all obsessed by the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19. And we have reason to be!

My message to everybody is that "Everything will be fine if we all play our part!"

We MUST all heed and apply the guidelines of basic hygiene and of social distancing. Not doing that is an extremely selfish act and indeed sabotage off the war we are all fighting against this invisible invader.

But life also has to go on. Even if we are in self-quarantine or staying at home we can still be productive.

You may have your own things to do, but we have also suggested some things that are rugby related and that will help you - online education and safe and scientific exercising.

This communique is meant to add to the above suggestions by guiding you on how to practically GET EDUCATED and how to EXERCISE SAFELY & SCIENTIFICALLY.

Let us know if you have more suggestions on how to be rugby-productive during the COVID-19 offseason.

Yours truly,

Herbert Mensah

President: Ghana Rugby Football Union (GRFU)

Source: Herbert Mensah